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Super General Top Load Water Dispenser Free Standing Big Cold Tank And Big SGL8900

  • AED 826

Midea Bottom Load Water Dispenser Free Standing Single Tap Stainless Steel High Efficiency Compressor YL1131AS

  • AED 779

Panasonic Bottom Load Waster Dispenser Over Heating Protection Dispensing Light SDMWD3438BG

  • AED 749

Midea Bottom Load Water Dispenser Free Standing 3 Faucets YL1566SW

  • AED 720

Midea Bottom Load Water Dispenser Mechanical Temperature Control Double Safety Prevent Overheat YL1566SB

  • AED 720

Crown Line Top and Bottom Load Water Dispenser 20 Liter WD194

  • AED 710

Hitachi Bottom Load Water Dispenser Free Standing 3 in 1 Hot, Cold Easy To Use Functionality HWDB30000

  • AED 675

Hitachi Top Load Water Dispenser Free Standing 20 Liters HWD4000

  • AED 667

Midea Top Load Water Dispenser Free Standing Child Safety YL1335SB

  • AED 661

Nikai Top and Bottom Load Water Dispenser Free Standing NWD2000TBLSN1

  • AED 629

Midea Top Load Water Dispenser Free Standing Child Lock YL1335SW

  • AED 602

Family Top Load Water Dispenser Floor Standing Child Safety Lock WBF1000-L

  • AED 599

Super General Bottom Loading Water Dispenser SGL2020BM

  • AED 599

Nikai Top Load Water Dispenser Free Standing 2 Tap Design NWD8207

  • AED 594

Hitachi Top Load Water Dispenser High Efficient Cooling Compressor WBF1000-S

  • AED 580

Panasonic Top Load Waster Dispenser Sleek Bottom Loading Design SDMWD3238TG

  • AED 576

Aftron Top Load Water Dispenser Free Standing 15 Liter AFWD5700

  • AED 575

Super General Top Load Water Dispenser Manual Control Free Standing Plastic Body SGL 1171

  • AED 559

Hitachi Top Load Water Dispenser Preventing Overheat High Efficiency Compressor Cooling HWD20000

  • AED 549

Super General 2 Taps Hot and Cold Water Dispenser SGL2171K

  • AED 549

Buy water dispenser & cooler online in Dubai Nikai Kodama Hitachi 2021

Water that is pure, clean, and able to drink is a blessing. Do not waste water and be thankful for what you are getting as there are many children and people who do not have access to clean drinking water. It will be a shame to call it water which they drink. One source of clean water for you are these water dispensers. There are lots of water dispensers that you can find here on plug n point. If you are looking for some more home appliances then have a look at these collections and choose all those you like. These home appliances are cheap and offered to you at very affordable rates.

You will not find cheap items and heavy discounts anywhere else. There are lots of other services that plug n point has to offer you. We do not have home delivery for you and we deliver in every corner of the UAE. So no worries now and just shop with pleasure and be tension free. There are basically two types of water dispensers the top loading water dispensers and bottom loading water dispensers. For starters, the basic difference in these two types is the loading position of the water bottles. The water bottles that are loaded onto these are the main water source.

Have a look at these top load water dispensers. You have to load a bottle on the top, which you can find from many retailers and sellers. Most of these water dispensers have three temperature settings. Cold, hot, and mild or room temperature water. The temperature control settings are given at the back and you can it according to your desires.

The other type of dispensers are the bottom load water dispensers. They have an opposite mechanism as compared to the top loading ones. For taking the water up and through the filters most of these need an electricity supply. As of the bottom load water dispensers, the maintenance and cleaning of these are tough compared to the other.

Nothing is more refreshing than having cold water in scorching summers. Imagine, you are standing in front of a stove preparing meal. Suddenly, you feel an immense thirst and rush towards your refrigerator and open it. Damn hell, forgot to keep water in the fridge. In another situation, you come home from your office, in a blazing evening, ran towards the fridge and finds no trace of ice or cold water. Such situations turn everyone mad. A small water dispenser can cope up with such problems.  It can fulfill your cold water needs. Buy top loading or bottom loading water dispensers Dubai from PlugnPoint in Sharjah or order online from anywhere in UAE to get home delivery

The time has gone, when water dispensers Dubai were considered for office use only. Now, it’s a need of every home as no one has time to fill up a number of bottles, again and again, to keep them in the fridge. Get a water dispenser and make your life easier. Giving you an easy approach to cold water, Plug n Point brought a wide collection of water dispensers. Water dispenser provides cold and hot water in a very little time. They are available in different capacities and sizes. At our online store, you can find various dispensers which capacities vary from 3 liters to 16 liters. Some of them provide you parallel access to hot, normal and cold water.

Water Dispensers with water accessories are available in two types. Before taking a final decision, make it sure that your opted unit is as per your space requirements. Countertop water dispensers are small size, making them easily movable. They don’t allocate floor space but can be placed on a table or counter. It’s the best option if you have a narrow space. Free standing water dispensers cover floor space, but look appealing, whether placed in office or home. They also contain fridge portion in them. It’s a bit difficult to move them as compared to the countertop units. Read More

Water is a necessity of life and having clean water to drink every day is not less than any blessing. It is very crucial to drink clean water to keep yourself healthy and to make it possible there is no better choice than a water dispenserDispenser for water is a great way to have clean and hygienic water in the house. With the help of water dispensers in the house, you don’t have to go through the extra effort of boiling the water and other methods to clean water.

UAE is a very hot place to live in and you need to keep your body hydrated in that much hot atmosphere. A water dispenser in UAE is one of the best home appliances that you can have a water dispenser is UAE. In UAE you will find water dispenser everywhere like in offices, homes, gyms for access to clean water. This home appliance will give you access to both hot and cold water. 

What are the benefits of good water dispenser?

As we all know how much water is important for our body, just like that having a water dispenser as a kitchen appliance is also very important for everyone and here are the reasons why.

1. Give you access to both hot and cold water

There are many companies in the UAE which are offering their water dispensers in the market. All of them have many embedded features but two basic functionalities are hot and cold water. Mostly all of the water dispensers will give you hot water in a region like UAE. What you have to be more concern about is the cold water function in the water dispenser of UAE. Due to the hot atmosphere of the UAE, you will need access to cold water 24/7. This means that you guys need to found out the best water dispenser to keep your water cold all the time.

2. Is it less power consuming

Before buying a water dispenser for your house always keeps one thing in mind is the amount of electricity it consumes. Always check how much power it consumes in a single day and relate it to other water dispenser energy consumption. Keep a check o the quality and energy star logo on its box. If your dispenser has an energy star logo on the box it means it is energy efficient. There are many new water dispensers with an idle monitor on it, this kind of water dispenser in Dubai can hibernate when not use. This will saves a lot of electricity.

3. Allow you to clean the filters

good water dispenser in UAE will be the one that will provide you clean water 24/7. But the better water dispenser will have additional functionality in which you can clean the filter as well. Your water dispenser filters get dirty with everyday use and it is a better choice to get that kind of water dispenser in which you can clean its filters. This will allow you to clean your water and keep the quality check of the water dispenserGetting a water dispenser is an investment in UAE so why not do it right.

Uses of Water dispenser in the UAE

We all know that water dispenser is mostly used only to clean your water and they have become the necessity of UAE life. There are many kinds of water dispensers available in the market from which you guys can choose a good one for yourself. A good water dispenser will give you these particular things.

  • It will allow to clean your water
  • It will help you to make your life healthy
  • You can even clean the water coming straight from the municipal line.
  • There are many water dispenser which gives hot and cold water at the same time.

Many places in the UAE have the water dispenser to get clean water the whole day. Mostly in offices, a water dispenser is installed to give clean water for employees. It is a very atmosphere friendly gadget for homes and offices. It is way better than using a plastic water bottle and increasing plastic waste in the world. It is now the Human psyche that drinking straight from the sink can be very unhygienic so people prefer water dispensers in Dubai. It has options of both hot and cold water which can be used in many different ways according to your preference. 

Working of a dispenser

There is a very simple concept of the working of water dispenser that is being used in almost 90 percent of water dispensers for the filtration of water. The main thing in all the water dispenser technology is to get water from the mains supply and the clean it via filters. But now with the advancement of technology, there are other types of water dispensers available in the market. 

Water dispenser with a bottle on top

This is a type of water dispenser which is one of the most common and also referred to as a water cooler in the market. In this type of water dispenser in Dubai, 5-gallon water is placed upside down on the top of the machine. After placing the water with the help of gravity and vacuum pressure the water goes down to filter to the machine and fill the glass when you push cold or hot water button. In this mechanism, the air escaped to the bottle on the dispenser and allows to push down the water in the water dispenser.

Benefits of bottle dispenser

  • They are very useful in point of use water mechanism.

  • You have a 5-gallon water bottle on the top of dispenser which is an ideal option if you cannot link your water dispenser in UAE with the main water supply.

  • You will get the desired temperature water on a push of a button, this will allow you to get hot and cold water any time you want.

  • You will always know that when you need to change your water gallon.

  • These water bottles are usually pre-filtered so it is always great to double-check.

What a water dispenser offers

The water dispenser has many uses in UAE, almost all kinds of water dispensers have the same mechanism and technology to clean water through filters. There are different things that a water dispenser in the UAE has to offer and which are follows

  • One or two tanks to store water in water dispenser for heating and cooling purposes

  • A water heater which allows you to get heated water on a push of a button.

  • A cool water compartment

  • A knob to release water into your glass for drinking purposes.

  • This water dispenser works on electricity.

So here are all of the mechanisms and the information you need to know about a water dispenser. It is very crucial to drink clean water to keep yourself healthy and to make it possible there is no better choice than a water dispenserDispenser for water is a great way to have clean and hygienic water in the house. It is a very atmosphere friendly gadget for homes and offices. It is way better than using a plastic water bottle and increasing plastic waste in the world. It is now the Human psyche that drinking straight from the sink can be very unhygienic so people prefer water dispensers in DubaiTo buy a water dispenser at a good price you can search online at different online stores like plugnpoint to buy a good UAE water dispenser for yourself. 

Plugnpoint is UAE one of the best home appliances online stores where you can find every kind of home and kitchen appliance for you. So what are you waiting to buy yours now?