What is The Best Way To Shop Online in 2021

What is The Best Way To Shop Online in 2021?

10 Aug 2021

The mode of online shopping is getting increased day after day. The trend was become more prevalent during the worldwide lockdown due to the pandemic. Statista shows that in 2016 around 1.66 billion buyers used to buy online things. However, it has also been shown that around 2.14 billion people are expected to buy services and goods online. The UAE is not an exceptional case in purchasing items online. Today we find a large number of stores for online shopping in Sharjah, Dubai, and even throughout the UAE.

By keeping in view the trend of online shopping in the UAE we have grabbed the potential information that to what extent the trend of online shopping has become dominant in the UAE. We offer our dearest users the best ways for online shopping in the UAE. Users who are residing in the UAE must read the statistics about the online shopping trends and markets of the UAE. At the same time, they have to adopt all the given tips to have a safe and excellent online shopping experience in the UAE. Moreover, Users can also find the list of the best and trusted online shopping stores aiming to offer consumers an exceptional shopping experience:

Statistics About Online Shopping Trend in The UAE

·        Mastercard study reveals that around 73% of the UAE consumers are shopping more online since the start of the pandemic.

·        73% of consumers shop for more groceries.

·        66% of consumers shop for more clothing.

·        60% of consumers shop for more healthcare products.   

Tips to Shop Online

Tips to Shop Online in the UAE

The following are the tips and ways that can make online shopping easy for you. We advise every single consumer to follow these tips to get a better experience of Online shopping in Sharjah and anywhere in the UAE:

  • Dare To Compare

The very basic tip for our consumers is to compare the items with several buyers. Do not restrict yourself to one single online store. We advise you to compare the needy products by different shops or stores and find what differences are possible. The best and quality product at a reasonable price can be the best option for you. 

  • Be Careful

We advise our consumers to be careful while shopping online. There are many frauds exist in the online market. The very basic tip to choose the online shopping store or website is to check whether the website has SSL (secure socket layers) encryption or not. This can be spotted by the idea that the website that begins with //HTTPS instead of HTTP is a secured or SSL encrypted website.

  • Shop On Special Occasions

This is one of the wonderful tips that you have to buy items when special occasions are in a row to celebrate. During special occasions or festivals, almost all types of online stores come with special discounts. These discounts are offered for promotional activities as well as to facilitate consumers to buy goods for the coming celebration or festival. 

  • Read The Reviews

We always recommend our users or consumers choose the right platform. But, sometimes, we find it hard to find the right option. The very basic and the best point to evaluate the right option is to read the customers’ reviews. In the case the previous customers are happy or satisfied with the services of a particular online shopping store then it can be a good option for you.

  • Look And Ask For Coupon

Most of the brands and online stores offer customers the coupon option to facilitate them. Before going to check out your bucket we advise you to check if any coupon is available. You can save a lot of money while shopping through coupon.

  • Check The Payment Method

Payment method is another thing to consider while shopping online. Online stores or websites offer different types of payment methods. Choose the option that suits you. We advise consumers to choose credit cards for shopping instead of debit card.

Payment Method online shopping

  • Check The Shipping Method

The shipping system is the most noticeable point. Some online store offers consumers the free shipping, however, at the same time, some stores ask for some delivery charges. The first thing you need to consider is the duration of shipping and then you must notify the delivery charges. Try to choose the online shopping stores that are delivering your products within the timeline you want and, obviously, you should look for the free of cost delivery method.

The Best Websites To Shop Online in the UAE

  • Noon

Because of its excellent services and a variety of online products Noon has become one of the most famous online stores in the UAE. The store offers electronic products like mobile phones and laptops, etc. within easy installments. Moreover, it charges only 10 AED as shipping charges on every single delivery.

  • Amazon

Amazon is a complete world of online shopping trends. Throughout the world, consumers visit Amazon to fulfill their requirements. Amazon is quite popular in the UAE and is facilitating the consumers in every single product that is necessary to have a stable life.

  • Awok

Consumers who are looking for the cheapest online stores in the UAE, Awok is the best option for them. The shop offers every day 1 AED deal through which users can buy smartphones, smartwatches, hair straighteners, shampoo, and many other items.   

  • Shein

Shein is one of the best clothing shops and is the focal point for women in the UAE. The site offers users seasonal clothes and the latest fashion trends of the UAE.

  • Namshi

This is another clothing store that has all the wearing verities to offer a fancy look to the wearers. The store deals in almost all the favorite and popular clothing brands based in the UAE.

Needy Products at Plugnpoint

Shop Your Needy Products at Plugnpoint

We have offered our visitors the potential statistics about the online shopping trends in the UAE. At the same time, we have also offered the best tips to our consumers by adopting which they can get a better online shopping experience in the UAE. However, out of the best sources or the best way for online shopping, Plugnpoint is the one that offers consumers throughout the UAE a safe and amazing online shopping experience. We invite all of the consumers in the UAE to visit us once and see the difference.

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